Trio Sweet Snow Body Powder - Kissable Flavored Body Powder - Raspberry feeling FA-3001

Raspberry feeling

You can offer your partner a dry and sensual message or with our sweet snow powder and feather. Then turn your partner into a sweet dessert by simply sprinkling the powder all over the erogenous zones or the area where you wish to tickle with the feather and then you can indulge!

It also has a drying property that is greatly appreciated by all. After a bath or shower, apply the powder on your body and it will keep you dry all day long. No more worries about dampness under areas whereby you tend to sweat.
The body powder can also be sprinkled over the bed sheets prior to a night of passion.
The added bonus is out travel size bottle 2fl.oz that you can easily tag along with you at all times.


Sprinkle small amounts of the powder onto the skin, or use the feather to spread on the desired areas. Use freely on any part of the body.

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