Garden of Edo Organic Collection - Shunga 9002

ORGANIC INTIMATE PRODUCTS A wellspring of inspiration and invaluable for intimate moments, the gardens in the Edo period fuelled the erotic imagination of lovers who went there to fulfill their carnal desires. The natural fragrances fit the lovemaking ritual so perfectly that lovers consummated their passion in complete serenity.

Includes 5 organic products:
- Organica massage oil exotic green tea - 250 ml / 8 fl. oz
- Intimate Kisses oil exotic green tea - 100 ml / 3.5 fl. oz
- TOKO Personal lubricant Organica - 165 ml / 5.5 fl. oz
- Oriental Crystals Dead sea salt Lotus flower - 400 g / 14 oz
- Black Lotus Sensitizing gel for lovers - 60 ml / Net 2 fl. Oz*

The Black Lotus gel heightens clitoral sensitivity and can be her ticket to multiple orgasms, while it enhances sensations in the head of the penis.