Premium Eco - Womanizer WZ161SG9

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This innovative Pleasure toy is made of biodegradable Biolene  material. Orgasms go green!!!! Enjoy waves of contactless Pleasure Air that stimulates your clitoris without even touching it.  The gentle sucking sensations guide you to new orgasms, unlike anything you have ever experienced before! This premium eco toy will not make a sound until it touches your bogy. The stimulation is blissful and discrete thanks to its Smart Silence.
• Magnetic charging: Magnetic attraction-magnetic pins make recharging quick and convenient
• Exchangeable battery: the long-life battery can be charged up to 300 times and easily replaced
• Recyclable: the innovative design means the unit can be disassembled, making recycling efficient and effortless
• Splash proof
• 12 intensity levels: Individually adjustable, from soft to intense. A setting for every mood
• LED indicator: Always know how much playtime you have left before your next recharge
• Extra stimulation heads: Each body is unique. Find the perfect size for your clitoris and discover new heights of sensual pleasure.

Made from natural materials

Womanizer supports ONE TREE PLANTED.