MOONLIGHT BATH Sea salt crystals Collection 66XX-4

Nights are now cooler and it is the ideal time to reward oneself with a 20 minute bath after a long day. Our luxurious bath salts are ideal for relaxation and making your skin feel soft, silky, and healthy. You can now enjoy all four fragrances and discover the unique aromas and bathing experiences by ordering our collection which provides you with all 4 bath sea salts.
Aphrodisia - Ocean Breeze - Exotic Fruits - Lotus Flower

Single use box 75g
Gives water an intoxicating colour
Made from 100% Dead Sea Salt
Makes the skin soft and silky
Produces frothy bubbles
Use these aphrodisiac bath salts, velvet bubbles to create an oasis of relaxation.

Moonlight Bath is also made of Dead Sea salts that enhances each bathing experience with its own unique color without leaving a ring around the tub. It lightly perfumes both body and bathroom and makes unctuous bubbles, creating an oasis of relaxation.

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