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Let one of our highly qualified consultants guide you through an unforgettable time. You will see, taste, touch, and of course laugh throughout the presentation. Our concept is pay and play tonight! No deliveries.
Call us now to host a fantasia party at: 1-800-363-6068

You will be very pleased with our fantastic products. Not only will Fantasia consultants impart information on improving relationships, they will also bring great products that will some gusto to your love life. Every Fantasia Home Party host will receive gifts based on sales. We are a cash-and-carry Company, so you will avoid the hassle of waiting for a shipment. A Fantasia Home Party will allow you to explore sensuality and sexuality from a whole new perspective.

Fantasia Home Party

Are you tired of traditional dinner parties? Get togethers with your friends should not be boring or mundane. Why not entertain your friends and spice up your night by hosting a Fantasia Home Party? After contacting the company, a Fantasia representative will come to your home and present the latest and most popular adult toys, edible creams, books, games, lingerie, and more. Your friends will enjoy an exciting night of fun and debauchery. For convenience, Fantasia offers cash-and-carry allowing guests to take home their favorite items the night of the party.

Dedicated to bringing couples closer together through intimacy and sexual education, Fantasia provides women with the tips and items they need to enhance their relationships with their partners. Boasting over 250 professional consultants across the country, Canadians everywhere can benefit from a fun Fantasia Home Party. To host your own Fantasia Home Party call 1-800-363-6068.

Become a Fantasia Consultant

Are you charismatic? Do you have an outgoing personality and love to have fun? Everyone looking for a new and exciting career opportunity should consider becoming a Fantasia consultant. Less restrictive than the typical 9-5 job, Fantasia consultants entertain party-goers, have fun, make money, and barely feel as if they are working at all. With a wealth of incentives, profitable commissions, and even company trips, there is no reason that you shouldn't become a Fantasia Consultant and reap the benefits from this generous and lucrative company.

Everyone wants to work for a business that takes care of them. Fantasia offers more incentives, giveaways, trips, and commissions than any other business out there. The company's excellent commission programs ensure all Fantasia Consultants are well compensated for their hard work. Offering everything from sales commissions to recruiting and book-out commissions, Fantasia provides their consultants with many of opportunities to be successful. In addition, all motivated Fantasia consultants can earn trips accompanied by the Fantasia staff. Join the entire Fantasia team at an all-inclusive resort for a week or weekend of relaxation and luxury. Fantasia spoils all their consultants. To become a Fantasia Consultant, earn money and have fun, send an email to

Adult Parties

Everyone loves to get together with their girlfriends to laugh, let loose, and have fun. There is nothing more cathartic than being surrounded by friends you love. Why not up the ante and host adult parties for you and your friends? More entertaining and risqué than the traditional dinner party or movie night, adult parties provide fun and light-hearted entertainment that is guaranteed to spice up the typical night out.

Once you book a Fantasia party, a Consultant will come to your home with a selection of the most interesting and enticing adult toys, lingerie, books, and games. Fantasia's charismatic consultants carry a variety of merchandise that is guaranteed to impress your guests of all interests and personalities, ensuring your adult parties are a huge success. Your friends can take home their favorite items on the night of the party.

Fantasia wants to reward all hard working hosts for the time they put into planning their adult parties by offering host incentives, free products(10% of guests' s sales) and gifts depending on the amount of money your guests spend. Fantasia's gifts make hosting adult parties even more enjoyable.

Shop Fantasia Store

Are you too busy for a party but still want to benefit from Fantasia's innovative adult products? Luckily, you don't need to host a party to indulge yourself with the company's wide selection of merchandise. On their website, you can scroll through their catalogue of adult toys, games, books, and more. Offering everything from sexy boy briefs to lubricants, edible creams, and massage books, you will have everything you need to spice up your love life right at your fingertips. Many people are hesitant to frequent their local adult store and Fantasia offers an easy alternative. Shop Fantasia store in complete privacy to find your adult toys.